Blessed with chronic pain in my late twenties, my entire back was in a state of constant inflammation. It took me many years to understand my body was asking for something. I worked with multiple massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. Each gave me a new tool that I could use to get to the next step of healing. I was forced to slow down as pain is an unrelenting teacher. With any injury, a period of rest is necessary. We often push through, hindering the healing process. The need to slow down and reconnect with ourselves is essential, especially given the fast pace of modern life. To calm down the nervous system I use Cranial Sacral which helps settle the neurological “always on” messages being sent to the musculature. This work brings a deep sense of relaxation and helps one reconnect with their body.

I’d like to help you have a new relationship with your body by asking, “What do you need?” “How can I support you?” “How can you move or rest to reduce pain?” I can give you instruction on how to use your body efficiently with best practices for daily activities. By looking at the whole body and not just the symptomatic parts we can learn about the relationships between the contributing elements. Every body is different and thus, will need a unique approach. Healing doesn’t happen overnight and can be a long process. I look forward to working together to uncover your best path forward.

I had always taken advantage of my body instead of listening and asking questions. “Body, do this, body do that.” Push, push, push, “now why do you hurt?” When the body is pushed it tends to compensate more aggressively. Repetitive movements create neurological pathways that become ingrained and difficult to re-pattern. I’ve found Neurokinetic Therapy to be best suited to map out the muscular imbalances within the body to restore efficient and effective movement. The result is an increase of strength in underutilized parts of the body while reducing injury and pain during physical activity and daily life.