That voice that says, “Maybe the pain will just go away,” is hoping that nothing is wrong. Pain can reduce and we go on with our lives but what we don’t realize is that the body is constantly compensating. The original injury, trauma, memory or contraction is buried deep and the body has built around it. Our hips are pulled forward, our diaphragm contracts, our head tilts backwards, always trying to maintain a balanced posture to keep us upright. Years of reinforcing a holding pattern, shortened muscles, scar tissue or impingements can be the foundation for a serious injury.

I work with each individual to determine the root of their pain along with any postural or movement patterns that contribute to the imbalance: How they sit, stand, squat, sleep, walk, and run. Depending on their history, we may help to relax and elongate muscles, break-up scar tissue, or address a holding pattern with subtler, supportive work. This will be a cooperative learning experience where we will both learn about your body and what it needs. 

We all know someone in pain. From an annoyance to debilitation, pain comes in many shapes and sizes and the impact it has on your life can be dramatic. It wears on your nerves, slows you down and can make daily activities agonizing or impossible.

The cause could be an injury, overuse of your body, or living in a high stress environment with unattainable expectations. At this point, the cause doesn’t really matter, what is important is that your body is giving you a message to slow down and get some help. You’ve come to the right place. I can help you come back into balance.

The body is our teacher; our job is to understand the lesson.

If we listen, our body can be heaven. With neglect, it can be hell.